Commemorating the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

The International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists is observed on November 2 in remembrance of two French journalists, Claude Verlon and Ghislaine Dupont, who were killed on that date in 2013 while reporting on the ground in Mali.[1] Their deaths were a rallying cry that brought overdue and much-needed attention to the worldwide problem of impunity for the murder of journalists. …

By: Drew Boyd

Since 2015, the Sentinel Project has partnered with Burmese organizations to implement direct co-operation programs with at-risk communities. One such initiative is Peaceful Truth, an effort to combat extremism and prevent the outbreak of violence in the city of Mandalay using new methods of communication, information verification, and outreach. Serving more than 1.2 million residents, the initiative has been regarded as highly successful by beneficiaries and international observers alike.

U Thaw Bi Ta, a Buddhist monk from Mahargandaryone monastery in Amarapura checks the Peaceful Truth project Facebook page on his phone as the project coordinators explain to him about the project, at the monastery in Amarapura, Mandalay, Myanmar, February 19, 2017. Credit: IDRC/Minzayar Oo

By: Christopher Tuckwood

“A refugee heard that someone back in South Sudan had come with soldiers to kill his family so he prepared his community to go and fight the people in another camp and take revenge on the perpetrator’s community.”

Reported to the Sentinel Project team in northern Uganda, November 2018

We’re always working to expand the Sentinel Project’s programs into new areas where we can help and this week marks an important milestone as well as the beginning of a long-awaited new phase in our work as we launched the Hagiga Wahid project in Uganda, which will soon…

By: Christopher Tuckwood

Anyone who has followed the Sentinel Project’s work in recent years will know that we’ve focused a lot on misinformation management in our efforts to prevent and mitigate atrocities. As our team has taken the model developed in Kenya and replicated it together with local partners in other countries, our project mottos often play on the theme of “Peace begins with the truth.” That focus on the truth comes from the recognition that harmful rumours and misinformation have the potential to drive the distrust, fear, and hatred that enable violent conflict and atrocities. With so much focus…

By: Drew Boyd

“Demonstration for the rights of the Uyghurs in Berlin” by Leonhard Lenz

The Chinese government is currently implementing a campaign of persecution against the Uyghur minority group in the Xinjiang region using a disturbing system of mass surveillance, concentration camps, forced labour, and ideological “re-education” alongside other measures which appear to rise to the level of genocide. Under the guise of anti-terrorism operations, central government authorities have enacted a cruel and disproportionate response to security issues in Xinjiang. …

The Sentinel Project

A non-profit organization pursuing innovative methods of assisting communities at risk of mass atrocities worldwide.

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